10 facts about the forthcoming Marsala Museum in Sicily

10 facts about the forthcoming Marsala Museum in Sicily

1) It is aspected to be opened by late 2017;

2) It will be complitely dedicated to wine and wine-growing;

3) Its location will be the John Woodhouse’s Baglio: it is a typical country estate which was used by the the English merchant from Liverpool who “invented” the Marsala and exported it;

4) 60 different wine labels will be exhibited over an area of 400 square metres;

5) Visitors will taste the wine, reserves included;

6) The museum will be multimedial, with photos and videos about the history of the production;

7) It will include a photogallery of family pics by the local community;

8) It will be linked to other tourist attractions near Trapani;

9) Its founder is the Sicilian entrepreneur Francesco Alagna;

10) It has a Facebook page, in Italian: Museo Vino Marsala

(photo Christina Snyder)


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