Why “Nozze D’Oro” is about a love story

Why “Nozze D’Oro” is about a love story

With exactly a month to go until Valentine’s Day, there’s no better time to talk about love & wine!

In the wine list of our new restaurant in Panton Street you will find “Nozze d’Oro”  by Tasca d’Almerita.

This is its amazing story:

“In 1984, Count Giuseppe Tasca (grandfather to the current CEO of Tasca d’Almerita, Alberto Tasca) created a white wine blend to celebrate 50 years of marriage to his wife Franca – the “Nozze d’Oro” in Italian, or golden wedding anniversary.

Giuseppe and Franca resided in the still existing Case Grandi at the Regaleali estate, between 375 hectares of vineyards that climb and fall over rolling hills alternating with olive trees and fields of grain in the center of Sicily. It is a place of low sun, vivid colors, and mesmerizing shadows; a place of seduction, passion and romance with an inherent value of renewed promise.

Their 50th was an occasion to remember. All of the Sicilian aristocracy was invited to Regaleali, and the cardinal Salvatore Pappalardo blessed the couple in the family chapel while guests danced and drank between the vineyards.

The wine is a unique combination of the varieties Inzolia and Sauvignon Tasca taken from a selection grown at Regaleali since the end of World War One. The blend changes ever so slightly each year, but the dedication remains constant:
To my wife Franca, with immense love.”

Perhaps most intriguing is the fact that the wine is made from two white aromatic varietals that are atypically used for aging, but Nozze d’Oro has proven throughout the years to withstand more than 20 years of aging, as proven by vertical tastings held back to the 80’s”.


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